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Nelson City is a good choice for those wanting to spend a holiday in a naturally beautiful place. You will get the tranquillity and fun you deserve on holidays here.

This magazine is for those who want to learn more about Nelson City so that they can prepare themselves for experiencing the best. The readers will know about the top attractions, restaurants, and things to do. Just check out these advertisements.

If you have been to Nelson City multiple times, then you can write down your experience and publish it in this magazine. We want our readers to have a first-hand account of this place so that they know what to expect.

Through your writing, the readers will know about the must-visit places to see, the good restaurants, motels, inns, and more. The readers will learn to utilize their holiday in the best possible way.

As a writer of this magazine, you can give our readers tips related to vacations in Nelson City. You can give them advice on packing, accommodation booking, and sightseeing tours.

The readers will get useful suggestions from you which will help them to plan their holiday well. You can suggest to them about food to try in Nelson City, wines to taste, and more.

If you are interested, then please send your CV. Please mention if you have any previous writing experience with any travel-related magazine. Once we accept your CV, you should send us a few topics on which you want to write about. Once we finalize the topics for you, write the articles and send us by email.

Our team will provide you with guidelines that you need to follow. Before starting to write the articles, we advise you to read some of our published articles to get an idea about the standard of writing we expect from you. If you have further questions regarding this writing position, then you can contact us.