Best Restaurants In Nelson City

Featured image Best Restaurants In Nelson City - Best Restaurants In Nelson City

Simply walking in a national park can be enjoyable because of the breath-taking views and the wonderful environment. From wine tasting to going on a mountain bike ride, you can do many things here. No matter what you do, at the end of the day, you want to sit, relax, and have some good food.

Nelson City is popular among food lovers because of the unique food served in various restaurants. Apart from the museums, parks, and wineries you visit, it is also worth visiting the different restaurants here to learn about the local food. Here are some good restaurants you can visit in Nelson City.


This is known as one of the best restaurants in Nelson. It is a wine and tapas bar that is centrally located. The place is casual but stylish at the same time. There are both indoor and outdoor seating areas. You will enjoy the cocktails and the unique selection of wines. It is a favourite place for vegetarians as you will find lots of veggie options.

Harry’s Hawker House

Here you will get Southeast Asian fusion cuisine. The veggies are served right from the farm, and you will find good veggie options. So, if you are looking for healthy food, then you should come here. You will love the green curries. ‘Roti’ is served with curries instead of rice or noodles. You will love the flavourful food, craft beer, and wine.


It is located at the yacht club that is on the waterfront. The restaurant is situated close to the centre of Nelson. You can get the best sea view from this restaurant. You will love the Thai food here. Tofu is used in many dishes.

You will enjoy the tasty starters. There is an outside seating arrangement that gives you the chance to watch the sailboats and windsurfers that pass by.

You will find the food in these restaurants unique. It won’t just satiate your taste buds but will also give you a good feeling because of the scenic views while dining out.